Sydney Patterson

University: Southern Methodist University

Major: Finance

Career Path: Business & Entrepreneurship

Studied Abroad In: Seville, Spain

Currently: Studying

“This experience was truly life-changing for me. I would recommend GlobalEd programs to absolutely anyone and everyone who wants to simultaneously experience life in another culture and explore and vastly improve their career options. I learned so much about myself and what I want to do in the future, as well as how to accomplish my goals and fully capitalize upon how my experiences make me a better potential employee for any company.“

Sydney came to Seville on a Faculty-led program through her home university, SMU. As a finance and world languages major, Sydney chose to complement her university degree with an international internship that combined Spanish language training, and internship related to her career interests and a cultural immersion experience. As Sydney nears graduation, she's confident that her experience abroad has given her a competitive advantage on the job market.

Where did you travel?

While working and studying in Sevilla, I also had the opportunity to travel to and explore Cadiz, Granada, Italica, and Cordoba (all in Spain), as well as Lagos, Portugal.

What were your favorite activities?

I loved getting to know my amazing host family and learning more about Spanish culture, as well as all the wonderful travel opportunities that we were given through the program.

How did your experience abroad affect your marketability?

Many people consider studying abroad to be “playtime”, where working is minimal, and it’s all about the traveling. This program was fantastic in that while traveling was important, we also worked very hard. Our internships were well-matched with our career interests, and we learned so much working in a foreign environment. Our internship class also did a fantastic job of helping us realize our strengths and how to make the most of them, as well as how to market ourselves better through our experience abroad. For me, it was especially useful because I would eventually like to be living and working in Spain, and I was able to get a real taste of what it would actually be like to do that.


A beautiful scene from La Alhambra
The beaches of Lagos, Portugal
Inside a church in Granada
SMU faculty-led group picture in Granada
Los Reales Alcazares in Seville, Spain
One of the beautiful bridges in Sevilla
Sydney and her roommate in the Parque Maria Luisa in Seville, Spain
Another view of la Giralda in Sevilla
An impressive view of La Giralda in Sevilla
SMU faculty-led walking tour of Seville
Gotta record those memories
This area of Seville is called Las Setas... The Mushrooms
Excursion to Granada

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