Naomi Prioleau

University: University of South Florida

Major: Journalism

Career Path: Journalism & Communication

Studied Abroad In: Seville, Spain

Currently: Working

“Little did I know how much my experience abroad would change me“

Naomi studied Journalism at the University of South Florida and studied abroad with GlobalEd in Seville, Spain for a summer term. However, six weeks in Spain was only enough to wet Naomi's palette and spark her interest to strengthen her knowledge of Spanish and convert Spanish into a tool. Naomi pursued a master's degree in Spanish to complement her communications major and boost her employability. We'll be posting more on Naomi's employment history soon. Naomi received a scholarship to help fund her flight and program fees.

Where did you travel?

I joined many of the local excursions offered by tour companies in Seville going to places like Portugal, Morocco, the beaches of Cádiz and Córdoba.

What were your favorite activities?

While my main reason to go to Seville was to work in my internship, I loved having coffee along the Guadalquivir River with my friends.

How did your experience abroad affect your marketability?

There is no doubt that going abroad changed me. It confirmed my career interests and changed the way in see the world. I know it's sounds cliché, but living in another country and learning another language gives you a different perspective on life, relationships, and our beliefs. I think this knowledge or awareness somehow transmits to people a maturity or confidence that wouldn't have had, had I not gone abroad.


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