Kyra Logan

University: Auburn University

Major: Biomedical Sciences and Spanish

Career Path: Health Care & Medical

Studied Abroad In: Seville, Spain

Currently: Studying

“Because of this experience I'm so much more prepared for a career in medicine.“

Kyra was a Biomedical Sciences student from Auburn University and studied abroad with GlobalEd in Seville, Spain. During a fall semester Kyra took courses at the University of Seville while performing an internship at a local hospital where she saw over a dozen births. Today, Kyra has already graduated from Auburn University and is now attending Baylor College of Medicine in Houston to become a Physician's Assistant. Her experience with GlobalEd helped her confirm her interest in neonatology.

Where did you travel?

The semester with GlobalEd had three programmed excursions to Granada, Cordoba and the Roman Ruins of Itálica. Aside from that, I also traveled to Portugal, Morocco and Paris.

What were your favorite activities?

I have to admit that the funnest part of my time abroad was getting to see a birth. I have so much more respect for my mother now.

How did your experience abroad affect your marketability?

The combination of performing a medical internship, living abroad with a Spanish family, learning Spanish and taking classes at the University of Seville gave me so much to talk about in my application for graduate school and during my interviews. I was able to link many of the questions I was asked during my interview to some aspect of my program abroad with GlobalEd.


Physical therapist facility
kyra with a pediatrician
Kyra Logan at her internship
Having coffee with our medical interns
Granada Trip
Granada - Kyra Logan, Gabriel Curran
Auburn University Students in Granada, Spain
2013 Fall Students during an excursion to Granada
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past student study abroad stories
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