Ashley Dyslin

University: Southern Methodist University

Major: Marketing

Career Path: Business & Entrepreneurship

Studied Abroad In: Seville, Spain

Currently: Studying

“I never dreamed that I would ever want to work abroad, but every day I cannot help but dream of Spain and look for employment opportunities in Spain for after graduation. Study in Seville and you will leave behind a peace of your heart, I assure you. Study abroad and you will learn more about yourself in a month than a year at home. GlobalEd Programs gives you the opportunity to explore with freedom as well as access to experienced guidance locally in an unparalleled manner.“

Ashley studied abroad in Seville, Spain over a summer term with a Faculty-led program where she received intensive Spanish language courses and performed an internship with a company that gave her the opportunity to put her marketing degree to work.

Where did you travel?

I was based out of Seville. I traveled to Madrid on my own then to Cordoba, Cadíz, and Granada through the program.

What were your favorite activities?

I loved the night at the Flamenco Museum, neighborhood excursions, and the trip to Granada. I especially enjoyed the free time we were given to explore.

How did your experience abroad affect your marketability?

It certainly something that comes up in every interview I have had. It makes me a more appealing candidate as I have had more exposure to other cultures and illustrates my willingness to adventure and try something new. It also illustrates my interest outside of my main major and makes me a more rounded individual. It also gives me better marketability should I choose to find work abroad in the future because I have experience.


Marching bands marching through my neighborhood
I saw a bride and groom taking pictures in Traina
I loved the Alhambra
Beautiful view in Granada
Amazing monuments
A view from the home I was staying in
A beautiful old banyan tree
Excursion to Granada
Excursion to Granada

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