Alina Vera

University: University of Houston

Major: Biochemistry/Biophysics

Career Path: Health Care & Medical

Studied Abroad In: Seville, Spain

Currently: Studying

“Not only did I confirm my passion for medicine through GlobalEd, but I made friends for a lifetime.“

Alina is a Biochemistry/Biophysics major at the University of Houston and is pursuing a career in medicine. Already a native Spanish speaker, Alina chose to go to Seville, Spain for a summer term to increase her medical Spanish and gain practical experience in a hospital. Alina is an active member of the American Chemical Society and a Terri Scholar.

Where did you travel?

I traveled to Lagos (Portugal), Morocco and Cádiz. I absolutely loved Lagos.

What were your favorite activities?

I loved the meals I had with my host family and the small trips I would make with my friends. My Señora always took good care of me and made tons of Spanish food.

How did your experience abroad affect your marketability?

There is no doubt that my medical internship allowed me to develop rapport with various doctors helping me confirm my career path.


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past student study abroad stories

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