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Internship Profiles

The following is a brief list of internship profiles designed to give you a better understanding of the types of experiences GlobalEd can offer you. Many of these positions are compatible with our summer and semester programs. When you click on an internship profile, information about that position will be revealed, such as the job title, responsibilities, the company and sector as well as the programs that are compatible with this position. GlobalEd matches each student's background, interests and career goals to ideal internship opportunities. To learn more about our internship placement process, click here.

Business Consultant
DescriptionJoin an organization of lawyers and business consultants that spearheaded the changes in European privacy protection laws to help companies of all sizes comply with the legal requirements regarding data privacy.
Applicable MajorsAdvertising/Marketing/PR, Business Administration/Management, Global Business, International Business, Marketing
LocationSeville, Spain

Nursing Intern
DescriptionGain a solid exposure of the roles of nursing staff as a nurse in training in Seville, Spain as you care for patients, monitor medication, and learn about the Spanish health care system.
Applicable MajorsBiochemistry, Biology, Biomedical Science, Chemistry, Community Health Education, Exercise Biology, Genetics, Global Health, Health Administration, Health Care Studies, Health and Fitness, Human Nutrition and Foods, Medicine and Society, Neurobiology/Neuroscience, Nursing, Nutrition, Occupational Therapy, Physicians Assistant, Pre-med
LocationSeville, Spain

Project Management Intern
DescriptionThis intern will have an opportunity to expose him/herself to a wide range of functions related to technical project management. The actual job description and responsibilities of the intern will vary depending on the intern's skills sets and the company's ongoing projects that are undergoing at the moment of the intern's incorporation.
Applicable MajorsBusiness Administration/Management, Business Development, Engineering, International Business, Project Managment, Supply Chain Management/Logistics
LocationSeville, Spain

Team-based internship in Health Tourism
DescriptionDevelop a business plan for a local hospital to gain a better understanding of the international market, who the competition is and what services to offer to target those international customers.
Applicable MajorsBusiness Administration/Management, Community Health Education, Global Business, Health, Health Administration, Health Care Studies, Health Communication, Health Promotion, International Business, International Development, Public Health
LocationSeville, Spain

Engineering Consultant Trainee
DescriptionWork with a Spanish Engineering firm participating in domestic and international projects of various types.
Applicable MajorsCivil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Structural Engineering
LocationSeville, Spain

Management Trainee
DescriptionWork with a large Spanish logistics operator by rotating between different departments.
Applicable MajorsAccounting/Finance, Advertising/Marketing/PR, Business Administration/Management, Finance, Marketing
LocationSeville, Spain

Health and Fitness Trainee
DescriptionWork with a local fitness center in Seville, Spain while helping to coordinate the activities and grow the company.
Applicable MajorsBiology, Community Health Education, Exercise Biology, Global Health, Health, Health Administration, Health Communication, Health and Fitness, Public Health
LocationSeville, Spain

Marketing Assistant
DescriptionWork with one of Seville's most popular excursion coordinators offering domestic and international trips targeted for international students.
Applicable MajorsAdvertising/Marketing/PR, Business Administration/Management, International Business, International Development, International Relations, Marketing, Public Relations
LocationSeville, Spain

Marketing Intelligence Intern
DescriptionJoin of team of marketers to develop a strategic plan to expand the company's telecommunication and technological consulting services internationally.
Applicable MajorsBusiness Development, Communications, International Business, Marketing, Strategic Communications
LocationSeville, Spain

Market Analyst
DescriptionLearn up close to the founder of this multi-million dollar enterprise by analyzing new markets to extends its world presence.
Applicable MajorsAdvertising/Marketing/PR, Marketing
LocationSeville, Spain

Health Care Project Assistant
DescriptionAs a project assistant, you will join teams working on current projects to help with the definition and delivery of said projects and platforms. This organization provides opportunities to expose you to a wide range of areas and responsibilities depending on your skill set related to Breast cancer, Lung cancer, Smoking cessation, Physical Activity, Sleep, and Palliative care.
Applicable MajorsAdvertising/Marketing/PR, Business Administration/Management, Entrepreneurship, Global Health, Health Administration, Journalism, Marketing
LocationSeville, Spain

Marketing and Business Development Intern
DescriptionThe world needs to address the agricultural challenges of tomorrow, today! With an estimated global population of 10 billion, agricultural production would need to increase by 70%. Work with a team of marketers, programmers and business developers to expand the market reach and visibility of a product that studies over 40 influential factors that affect the business decisions of farmers.
Applicable MajorsAdvertising/Marketing/PR, Business Administration/Management, Business Development, Global Business, Global Health, Global Studies, International Business, International Development, International Relations, Marketing, Sales, Strategic Communications
LocationSeville, Spain

Marketer/Business Developer
DescriptionJoin a software development team to launch and promote both domestically and internationally the software applications they develop.
Applicable MajorsAdvertising/Marketing/PR, Business Development, Marketing, Project Managment, Public Relations
LocationSeville, Spain

Sales and Business Development Intern
DescriptionAs a Sales and Business Development Intern, you will work with a sales team to help this multinational company expand even further internationally. This opportunity bridge the knowledge of finance and marketing by learning the features and functionality of the companies financial tool and promotes its benefits to prospective customers worldwide.
Applicable MajorsAccounting/Finance, Advertising/Marketing/PR, Business Development, Finance, International Business, Marketing
LocationSeville, Spain

Marketing Intern
DescriptionWe are a well establish IT consulting and development firm headquartered in Seville, Spain. We are interested in having an native English speaker intern to work with our marketing team.
Applicable MajorsAdvertising/Marketing/PR, Marketing
LocationSeville, Spain

Marketing and Communications Intern
DescriptionJoin a team of marketers to assist in the initiative to promote a revolutionary services design to bridge the gap between companies and their customers.
Applicable MajorsAdvertising/Marketing/PR, Business Development, Computer Information Systems, Global Business, International Business, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Public Relations
LocationSeville, Spain

International Relations Assistant
DescriptionFrom Art and Culture to Hotels, Restaurants and Shows, students of all backgrounds can apply their academic disciplines and career interests to a variety of initiatives within this organization. Join a team of interns and develop marketable skills that will increase your knowledge and appreciation of culture, language and business.
Applicable MajorsCultural Studies, International Relations, International Studies, Public Relations
LocationSeville, Spain

Fluid Mechanical Researcher
DescriptionJoin a team of fluid mechanical engineers to provide services to companies around the world.
Applicable MajorsBioengineering, Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Physics, Physiological Sciences
LocationSeville, Spain

Medical Intern
DescriptionThis is an extremely popular internship, where students have the opportunity to work at a local hospital in Seville, Spain rotating between doctors of various disciplines.
Applicable MajorsBiochemistry, Biology, Biomedical Science, Chemistry, Exercise Biology, Medicine and Society, Nursing, Pre-med
LocationSeville, Spain

Travel and Promotional Guide
DescriptionWork with one of Seville's largest excursion coordinator offering travel packages to international students to travel of Portugal and Morocco, as well as other destinations within Spain.
Applicable MajorsAdvertising/Marketing/PR, Business Administration/Management, Event Planning, Hotel Restaurant Management, Marketing, Travel/Tourism
LocationSeville, Spain

Marketing, Social Media & Public Relations Intern
DescriptionAs a marketing, social media and public relations intern, you will assist the owner and your team in the development of marketing initiatives utilizing internet tools to research a variety of topics, gather information, expand the visibility of the publication
Applicable MajorsAdvertising/Marketing/PR, Business Administration/Management, Communications, Journalism, Marketing, Project Managment, Public Relations, Social Media
LocationSeville, Spain

Marketing and Communications
DescriptionJoin a team of developers whose mission is to help executives make sense out of all of the data they have been collecting. As a marketer you will analyze the products and services provided by this company and compare those products and services with competitors worldwide.
Applicable MajorsAdvertising/Marketing/PR, Communications, Marketing, Mass Communication, Public Relations
LocationSeville, Spain

Real Estate Developer
DescriptionJoin a real estate development team that incorporates a wide range of skills from various fields including project management, architecture, engineering, sales, and analysis.
Applicable MajorsBusiness Administration/Management, Project Managment, Real Estate Management
LocationSeville, Spain

Event Coordinator
DescriptionCombine your love for art, history and tourism by working in a flamenco museum giving tours in the language you know and helping to coordinate the flamenco events given every night.
Applicable MajorsBusiness Administration/Management, Event Coordination, Event Planning, Public Relations
LocationSeville, Spain

Financial Intern
DescriptionAs a financial intern, you will benefit from over 25 years of experience behind a reputable company in the services sector providing an improving upon outsourced financial services. This company has a successful track record in the management of resources and processes setting a standard in the sector.
Applicable MajorsAccounting/Finance, Business Administration/Management, Finance, Operations, Product Development, Project Managment, Supply Chain Management/Logistics
LocationSeville, Spain

Museum Intern
DescriptionWork in a local flamenco museum provides reception services, guided tours and coordination of actual flamenco shows offered on a daily basis.
Applicable MajorsBusiness Administration/Management, Hospitality Management, Museum Management, Travel/Tourism
LocationSeville, Spain

Business Consulting Intern
DescriptionAs a business consulting intern, you will conduct matching data analysis and research on a variety of topics related to articles for the company's website, in the areas of finance, business and market research.
Applicable MajorsAdvertising/Marketing/PR, Business Administration/Management, Business Development, Communications, Global Business, International Business, Journalism, Marketing, Mass Communication, Project Managment
LocationSeville, Spain

Nursing Intern
DescriptionWith with a team of nurses in a local Spanish hospital learning about the Spanish health care system and while caring for patients and monitoring medication.
Applicable MajorsBiology, Biomedical Science, Health, Neurobiology/Neuroscience, Nursing, Pre-med
LocationSeville, Spain

Social Awareness Intern
DescriptionHelp immigrants to Spain adapt to the local culture through of variety of activities, classes and services.
Applicable MajorsCommunity and Regional Development, Social Work, Volunteer
LocationSeville, Spain

Teaching Assistant
DescriptionWork with professors and the founder of this language school to provide English language instruction to children between the ages of 4 and 18.
Applicable MajorsEducation/Teaching, English, Spanish, TEFL, TESOL
LocationSeville, Spain

Urgent Care Administrative Intern
DescriptionStudents in this internship will have the opportunity to work with administrative and medical professionals providing emergency medical care services as will as initiatives both in Spain and internationally. Students will join teams working on different local, national or international projects as needed.
Applicable MajorsBusiness Administration/Management, Community Health Education, Global Health, Health Administration, Health Care Studies, Health Communication, Health Promotion, International Business, International Relations, Public Health, Public Relations
LocationSeville, Spain

Assistant Journalist
DescriptionApply your academic discipline to an online publication and develop skills in the areas of investigative reporting, interviewing, photography, writing, and online promotion.
Applicable MajorsCommunications, Creative Writing, English, Journalism, Mass Communication, Media Productions, Spanish, Writing
LocationSeville, Spain

Legal Trainee
DescriptionThis legal team provides legal services to the sports sector representing the interests of sports teams, facilities and athletes.
Applicable MajorsLegal Studies, Political Science/World Politics
LocationSeville, Spain

Human Resource Assistant
DescriptionJoin the human resource department in a telecommunications company in the selection, training and monitoring of company staff members.
Applicable MajorsBusiness Administration/Management, Human Resources, Management, Project Managment, Psychology
LocationSeville, Spain

Sales Representative
DescriptionDeveloping marketable skills is a key component to any internship opportunity. The skills and the degree to which they will developed will vary depending on your attitude and interests. Here are some skills that passed interns have claimed to develop. Learned how to collect and analyze data using spreadsheets Gain a full understanding of the sales process Build your Spanish vocabulary related to the sector Learned how to correspond professionally via email Gain a full understanding on how to read data on sales and marketing tendencies Gain fluency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
Applicable MajorsBusiness Administration/Management, Hospitality, Information Technology, Marketing, Sales, Tourism
LocationSeville, Spain

Team-based Internship in Social Work

Social work, event coordination, business administration, Psychology, Therapy, Teaching

Seville, Spain


Team-based Internship in SEO

Internet technology, Marketing, Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Business administration

Seville, Spain

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