The Internship Placement Process Explained

The Internship Placement Process Explained

If you're interested in participating in a GlobalEd semester Work & Study, Summer internship or Custom Internship program, it's important for you to understand how the placement process works. If you've noticed any of the internships posted on our website, you may wonder, "How do I apply to that internship". The internships that we post on our website are only a few examples of actual experiences that we have created for past and present students. So don't be discouraged if you don't find an internship profile that seems like a perfect match.

Each internship placement is highly individualized taking many factors into account. For example, a good internship placement requires matching your academic background, experience, language skills, attitude, personality and goals to opportunities with companies that have proximity to where you'll be living, a healthy and productive work environment, a language requirement compatible to your competency level and an engaging project for you to perform.

So let me explain the internship process.

Step 1) The Application

The first step is to apply to a program. Whether you're interested in a semester experience, a summer internship or a custom program, GlobalEd offers the full range of program types. The application process also requires that you submit your resume and state your short-term and long-term goals. Once your application is reviewed and you are accepted, you will confirm your place in the program and we begin the next step… to hold an interview with us.

Step 2) The Interview

Holding an interview with us gives us the opportunity to get to know you better, help you set realistic expectations for your time abroad and answer any questions you may have. During the interview, which takes between 20 and 30 minutes, we also talk to you about different opportunities that we've created in the past for students to gauge your receptivity to certain sectors, tasks or skill sets that you would like to acquire. You may mention some of the internship profiles you seen on our website. We'll talk to you about those opportunities and explore whether or not they could be a good fit for you. When the interview is over we combine that information with your resume and goals and build a student profile that will be used to market you to different companies.

Step 3) The Offer

The placement process works differently for short-term summer or custom programs and longer-term semester and academic year programs.

Short-term Summer and Custom Programs For short-term summer and custom programs, it's important to get you placed prior to arrival. The placement process can be lengthy and internships for short-term programs start immediately upon arrival. After the interview, we begin contacting companies both in and outside of our network. All companies that collaborate with us are reviewed based on several criteria that include proximity, transportation, work atmosphere, responsibilities and supervisor. When we identify an approved company that has expressed interest in you, we draft an internship profile and send you an offer. The internship profile includes a description of the company and sector, the job responsibilities, and perhaps even some pictures of the work environment.

Longer term Semester and Yearlong Programs Internships do not need to begin immediately after arrival if the program duration is longer. For this reason we begin our research prior to arrival and set up interviews for you during the first couple weeks into the program. Longer term programs have the advantage of having face-to-face meetings that can be factored into your decision to accept a position.

Securing the Internship

It's important for you to understand that internship placements are mutual decisions between you (the student) and the company. Our role is more of a matchmaker than an organization that simply places students.

If you think the internship may be a good fit for you you can accept it or reject it by communicating to us via email your decision within 72 hours of an offer.

If you accept the position, then we secure it for you and communicate the decision to the company.

If you reject the position, then we need to know why. The reason is because the offer was given to you based on criteria that we thought would be a good match for you. When an internship is rejected we can do one of two things. We can either completely discard the opportunity, in which case it will no longer be available to you and can become available to another student, or we can go back to the company and ask them to modify the responsibilities. There are times when companies are willing to modify the position a little to meet the goals of the student.

If internship is ultimately rejected by the student, then we update your profile with the new criteria and continue to reach out to companies until we come back to you with another offer. This process will continue until you're placed.

I hope this information was helpful to you in understanding the placement process.


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